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Wales Resilience

Wales Resilience

The introduction of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, required a restructure of joint-agency planning in Wales. This resulted in the creation of Local Resilience Forums (supported by various co-ordinating groups) in Wales based on the four police force areas in Wales.

The Local Resilience Forums are:

  • South Wales
  • Gwent
  • North Wales 
  • Dyfed-Powys  

At the all-Wales level, the Wales Resilience Forum (WRF) has been established to endorse good communication and enhance emergency planning across agencies and services in Wales.

A Wales Resilience Partnership Team (WRPT) is tasked to support the Wales Resilience Forum and assess the implications for Wales of work produced through the UK Capabilities Programme. The WRPT has set up a number of sub-groups to develop resilience on a pan-Wales level in such areas as risk assessment and mass fatalities.

The Joint Emergency Services Group is a collective of the senior levels of all the emergency services and the armed forces in Wales. It agrees a strategic approach across all organisations to meeting the requirements of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and enhancing Civil Protection in Wales.