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Emergency Co-ordination Centre (Wales)

Emergency Co-ordination Centre (Wales)

During an emergency the Welsh Government may activate the Emergency Co-ordination Centre (Wales) which is able to link with all Strategic Co-ordination Groups and the central government crisis management machinery facilitated by the Cabinet Office.

 The roles of the Emergency Co-ordination Centre (Wales) (ECC(W)) is to:

  • Co-ordinate the gathering and dissemination of information across Wales
  • Ensure an effective flow of communication between local, pan-Wales and UK levels, including the co-ordination of reports to the UK level on the response and recovery effort
  • Brief the Lead Official and Wales Civil Contingencies Committee
  • Ensure that the UK input to response is co-ordinated with the local and pan-Wales efforts
  • Provide media and community relations support through the Strategy and Communication Group
  • Assist in the determination of potential consequences of the emergency and recovery planning
  • Facilitate mutual aid arrangements within Wales and where necessary, between Wales and the border areas of England
  • Raise to a UK level any issues that cannot be resolved at a local or Wales level.

The ECC(W)’s role is primarily one of information gathering and keeping Ministers and the UK Government informed of the implications of emergencies in Wales. At the same time, it keeps Strategic Co-ordinating Groups and individual agencies informed about developments at the UK level which will affect them.

On other occasions, the ECC(W) can be used as a means of co-ordinating a multi-agency response by including external partners whose presence in the Centre facilitates links with external agencies and draws experience and expertise into the assessment of information being gathered.

The decision on whether to activate the ECC(W) will depend upon the nature and extent of any emergency in or affecting Wales. For example, in an emergency impacting primarily on a single Police area the Welsh Government will maintain a significant interest and will liaise with the Strategic Co-ordinating Group to review whether the establishment of the ECC(W) could assist the response.