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Flooding is an increasing and serious risk.

Previous events such as the Gloucester floods in the summer of 2007 highlighted the serious issues that could affect Wales in the near future. Risk impacts include:

  • Risks to life (people and animals)
  • Damage to property, business and agriculture
  • Damage to roads and infrastructure
  • Pollution and contamination of local environments. 

If you are worried about flooding in your area you should contact Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or visit the Natural Resources Wales website and inputting your postcode. Here it will also provide you with advice on ways to protect your home from flooding.

There are a variety of simple and practical steps you can take to help prepare yourself for flooding.

Prepare a Personal Flood Plan

An action plan, outlining the steps that you would take and details of key people that you would need to get hold of in the event of flooding. Once completed it should be kept somewhere safe and accessible in a waterproof folder in the event of flooding.

Create a Flood Kit

Your flood kit should contain everything you would need to take with you in case of a flood emergency or evacuation.  You should include items such as food, bottled water, warm waterproof clothing, a wind up torch and radio, copies of important insurance documents, any medication you may require and baby/pet items as necessary.

Information on preparing a personal Flood Plan and creating a Flood Kit can be found on the Natural Resources Wales and Directgov Websites:

Further information on planning for a flood emergency can be found on the Welsh Government website.