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Severe Weather

Severe Weather

Severe weather can take many different forms (heavy rain, snow, strong winds and extreme temperatures) and occasionally can cause significant disruption to normal life.

Severe winter weather, particularly prolonged, can cause substantial disruption. The winter weather of 2010 was the coldest in over 20 years. This was accentuated by the periods of heavy snow in January 2011 which severely affected the transport infrastructure and diminished salt reserves. This resulted in disruption to public services, private sector and the general economy of Wales.

Risk impacts on severe weather include:

  • Ability of emergency service personnel and resources to respond to an incident affected
  • Ability for staff to travel to work affected
  • School closures
  • Transport infrastructure affected
  • Danger to personal and national infrastructure
  • Flooding (click to view flooding section)
  • Increase in trauma and admissions to hospital
  • Increased threat of injury or death to vulnerable people.

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